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TAPL provides distinctive professional services to various companies including Financial & Management Advisory Services, Tax and Corporate Counseling, Payroll Processing Services & other relevant services like Non-Resident Taxation and FEMA, Regulatory Compliances, Start up Ventures and Assurance and Secretarial Services.

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KVAT Registration Kerala

Taxpro Advisories Private Limited (TAPL) is a top finance service provider in Kochi with professionals having abundant experience in the field of all business accounting and tax-related matters. Our committed service in delivering unique and innovative solutions made us evolve as the superlative finance advisor in this competitive market.

TAPL has the reputation of providing its clients VAT Registration services in Kerala in the most convenient way at reasonable rate. With the expertise of our team of chartered accountants, we extend VAT registration services strictly abiding by the laws. This makes sure our clients getting their VAT registration done without difficulties.

We undertake VAT Registration and ensure clients getting their VAT registration in the most hassle-free and speedy manner. We also perform preparation of VAT returns and filing of Electronic/Manual VAT returns.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of consumption tax that works on the principle that when raw materials pass through different manufacturing stages and manufactured products pass through various distribution stages, tax should be levied on the ‘Value Added’ at each stage and not on the gross sales price. From the buyer’s perspective, it is a tax on the purchase price of a product.

For a seller, it is a tax levied only on the value added to a product or service by that stage of its manufacture or distribution. The value added to a product or service by or with a particular stage is the sale price charged to its customer, minus the cost of raw materials and other taxable inputs.

The similarity between VAT and sales tax is that ultimately the end consumer is only taxed. VAT differs from the sales tax in a way while the sales tax is collected and remitted to the government only once at the point of purchase by the end-consumer. With the VAT, collection and remittances of tax to the government occur each time in the supply chain of products.

Fundamentally, VAT is multi-point tax system, with provision for setting off (credit) of the tax paid at the earlier stage. As a result, tax burden is passed on and the process continues till goods and services are finally consumed. Thus, VAT can be termed as ‘consumption type’ tax. Kerala adopted VAT (KVAT) system through the Kerala Value Added Tax Act, 2003.

The following are the steps involved in KVAT registration